I Was Overcharged

If you think you were overcharged (charged twice or another billing error). Please contact us so we can sort this out for you as soon as possible. This occurrence is very  rare as most of our payment/billing systems are automated.

Downgrade My Account

Our members have the option to downgrade their accounts and to choose any account below their current tier. Please contact us to downgrade your account.

Close My Account

Please don’t, we’d hate to see you go! If you have any issues or problems, please let us know. We would love to help you through whatever it is you’re having problems with.   If you really want to close your Wedding Connected account, click here and then click the ‘Close My Account’ button. On […]

Upgrade my Account / Profile

At Wedding Connected, we currently offer 3 plans: Basic, Featured & Premium. You can see the full benefits of all of those plans here. For more information on why you should upgrade, see the ‘Why Wedding Connected‘ page. You can upgrade at any time and it’s easy to do: Step 1 – Click here to […]

Add, Change or Remove Credit Card

You may want to add, change or remove your credit card if you receive a replacement or get a new card. If your card has been removed or cannot be charged, your subscription to Wedding Connected will be cancelled or placed on hold until a new payment method is added. To Add a Credit Card: […]