In this help topic we will discuss the process of adding an article to Wedding Connected. Above is a video outlining the whole process but for those who prefer to read, please continue reading below.

Member articles are displayed across multiple locations on Wedding Connected. Some areas you will see member articles are:

  • Home Page (Latest 3 Member Articles).
  • Our ‘Member Articles‘ Page.
  • The Sidebar of Search Results.
  • Your Profile
  • + More

Some of the reasons why writing articles is a great idea for your business are:

  • Good for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – Higher in search engines such as Google & Wedding Connected.
  • It’s a great way to educate your potential customers (brides/grooms).
  • Other businesses may find your articles educational.
  • You could potentially land a client because they may come across your article.


So now that we have that out of the way, it’s time to learn how to add articles to your profile that could potentially be seen by thousands of people. It’s easy, we promise!

Step 1Log in to your Wedding Connected account. Once you are logged in, you should arrive at your Member Dashboard.
Step 2 – On the left side of your Member Dashboard, you will see a menu list of items. Look for ‘Articles’ and click that and then click ‘Add Article‘.
Step 3 – At the top of this page you will see an option for ‘Publish’ which will be Yes or No. Make sure you select ‘Yes’ if you want your article to be live on the website.
Step 4 – Upload an image for your article post by clicking the ‘Choose file’ button on the right of your screen.
Step 5 – In the ‘Article Title’ box, enter a title for your article. Try to keep it short and interesting.
Step 6 – Enter some keywords in the ‘Tags’ box. These should be separated by a comma and be on topic with your article. (Ex: wedding hair melbourne, wedding dress tips, etc.)
Step 7 – Start writing your article/blog post in the large box at the bottom.
Step 8 – That’s it! Click the ‘Save Changes’ button and you’re done.


Some ideas for your articles could be:

  • Tips & Tricks in your industry/niche.
  • A post about a wedding you experienced or were part of.
  • Top 10 lists.
  • + More