In this help topic we will discuss the process of adding a coupon or discount to Wedding Connected. Above is a video outlining the whole process but for those who prefer to read, please continue reading below. This feature is only available to Featured & Premium members so if you are currently a Basic member, you will have to upgrade to use this feature.

Coupons are displayed on our ‘Hot Deals/Coupons‘ page. You can add your very own coupons or you can add coupons you have found from other businesses.

Some of the reasons why posting coupons or discounts is a great idea are:

  • Good for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – Higher in search engines such as Google & Wedding Connected.
  • It’s a great way to get more business and land more clients.
  • It increases your exposure in our directory.
  • You can share discounts/offers from other wedding businesses.

So now that we have that out of the way, it’s time to learn how to add coupons to your profile that could potentially be seen by thousands of people. It’s easy, we promise!

Step 1Log in to your Wedding Connected account. Once you are logged in, you should arrive at your Member Dashboard.
Step 2 – On the left side of your Member Dashboard, you will see a menu list of items. Look for ‘Coupons’ and click that and then click ‘Add Coupon‘.
Step 3 – At the top of this page you will see an option for ‘Publish’ which will be Yes or No. Make sure you select ‘Yes’ if you want your coupon to be live on the website.
Step 4 – Upload an image for your coupon by clicking the ‘Choose file’ button on the right of your screen.
Step 5 – In the ‘Title’ box, enter a title for your coupon. Try to keep it short and descriptive. (Ex: 50% Off Wedding Hair in April).
Step 6 – In the ‘Promo Code’ box, enter the code that you would like people to use or say when contacting you to get this discount.
Step 7 – Enter some keywords in the ‘Tags’ box. These should be separated by a comma and be on topic with your coupon. (Ex: wedding hair melbourne, wedding hair discount, etc.)
Step 8 – Select a date you want your coupon offer to end (once this date is reached, the coupon will not be visible on our website).
Step 9 – Enter an external web link, this could be a direct link to your offer or even just your website or Facebook page. (Ex:
Step 10 – Enter a business/company name into the ‘Company’ box. (Enter your business name here OR you might even be posting this coupon on behalf of another business).
Step 11 – Start typing your business address into the location box above the map, it should automatically start suggesting addresses to you. Click on the correctly suggested address. This feature allows our users to search for coupons in their area.
Step 12 – In the ‘description’ box, enter a description that describes your coupon in more detail (any terms & conditions, etc). Once you have done that, click ‘Save Changes’ and you’re done!