At Wedding Connected, we currently offer 3 plans: Basic, Featured & Premium. You can see the full benefits of all of those plans here. For more information on why you should upgrade, see the ‘Why Wedding Connected‘ page.

You can upgrade at any time and it’s easy to do:

Step 1Click here to visit the account upgrade page. You may have to login if you aren’t already.
Step 2 – Select the membership level you would like to upgrade to. Basic can upgrade to Featured or Premium and Featured can upgrade to Premium.
Step 3 – Once you have selected the membership you want to upgrade to, click ‘Continue with Upgrade’ at the bottom of the page.
Step 4 – Select a payment option. Monthly or Yearly (Yearly is the cheaper option per year). Click ‘Upgrade Listing’.
Step 5 – Enter your credit card details and click ‘Save credit card & continue’. A box will now pop up asking you to confirm this, click ‘Yes, continue with upgrade’.
Step 6 – If your payment is successful, your card will be charged and you will now be upgraded instantly.